RGB-M-1050 is an electronic modular gas burner with high turn down ratio (1:10) designed for industrial application. The values of CO and NOx during burner operation are lower than 30 and 120 mg/kWh; respectively, therefore, the burner’s NOx class of II is reported and approved.

  • Description

    RGB-M-1050 Burner Equipments

    RGB-M-1050 Burner Specifications

    Value Unit Model Manufacturer
    Minimum Gas Rated Output 1000 kW Main Motor 21 kW-Frame 180L ABB
    Maximum Gas Rated Output 10500 kW Control Box BT320 LAMTEC
    Minimum Gas Flow Rate 98 m3/h Main Gas Valve MVDLE 2080/5 – DN80 Dungs
    Maximum Gas Flow Rate 1029 m3/h Safety Gas Valve MVD 2080/5 – DN80 Dungs
    Gas Line Pressure 150 mbar Air Pressure Switch DG6U-3Z,DG50U-3Z Krom schroder
    Input Gas Pipe Size DN 80 Gas Pressure Switch GW150-A5 Krom schroder
    Electric Power Supply Phase 3
    Electric Power Supply Frequency 50 Hz
    Electric Power Supply Voltage 400 V
    Fan Electrical Motor Power 21 kW
    Fan Motor Speed 2900 rpm
    Operation Mode Modular
    Air Damper Automatic
    Centrifugal Fan (Forward, CCW) 590 x 160 x 48 mm
    Weight 400 kg