RGB – 20

RGB-20 as a single stage gas burner and mostly used in domestic hot water boiler or low capacity steem boiler. The values of CO and NOx during burner operation are lower than 40 and 130 mg/kWh; respectively, therefore, the burner’s NOx class of ? is reported and approved.

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    RGB-20 Burner Equipments

    RGB-20 Burner Specifications

    Value Unit Model Manufacturer
    Minimum Gas Rated Output 101 kW Main Motor 300 W-HA 665-Frame 14240 Hanning Electrogen
    Maximum Gas Rated Output 206 kW Control Box DLG 976 Honnywell
    Minimum Gas Flow Rate 10.4 m3/h Main Gas Valve 1″- MVDLE 210/5 Dungs
    Maximum Gas Flow Rate 21.2 m3/h Safety Gas Valve 1″- MVD 210/5 Dungs
    Gas Line Pressure 26 mbar Air Pressure Switch GW3A6 Dungs
    Input Gas Pipe Size 1 Gas Pressure Switch GW50A6 Dungs
    Electric Power Supply Phase 1
    Electric Power Supply Frequency 50 Hz
    Electric Power Supply Voltage 220 V
    Fan Electrical Motor Power 0.24-0.3 kW
    Fan Motor Speed 2700 rpm
    Stages 1
    Air Damper Manual
    Centrifugal Fan (Forward, CCW) 160 x 50 x 11 mm
    Weight 18 kg