Gas Burner

RGB Series or RAADMAN  gas burners covering a firing range from 100 to 10500 kW, are designed for a wide ranges of domestic and industrial applications. All RAADMAN modular burners are equipped with LAMTEC or SIEMENS electronic control system with capability of full air/gas ratio control throughout entire burner operating range. These burners have been tested and evaluated based on Iran national standard ISIRI-7595 (DIN-EN 676). According to performed experiments, the values of CO even in low excess air operation is lower than 30 mg/kWh (In some cases, values close to zero have also been reported). The precise design of combustion head results a full gas-air mixture that guarantees high efficiency levels in all various applications. Burner superior design accompanied by high quality electronic devices have also resulted a further improvement in boiler’s performance in order to decrease fuel cost and emissions.


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