December, 2017 بدون نظر news-2

Announcement of receiving TUV NORD Certification

To inform all participants of the conference were that the applicant to receive the certificate of TUV NORD, certificate is ready, so participants can refer to Packman office in Tehran or agencies of Packman (in other cities) to receive their certifications.

***It should be noted that coordination is required before visit.

Tell: 42363 (512) Ms.Mohammadi

The First Steam Technology Conference was held in IRIB International Conference Center, 22th Aban.


Packman Company is honored to be able to bring together great and outstanding professors and researchers from industry and senior officials to present new offers and alternative thinking with the purpose of enforcement development rules, modify the pattern of energy consumption and reduce environmental pollutants, health and safety promotion and awareness and sensitization of managers and staff of various industrial and non-industrial.




Professors speakers

  • Dr. Morteza Heidari-A brief description of Packman Company activities and Conference Topics
  • Dr.Saghafi-Mechanics Association Representative
  • Dr Saeedi-Sharif University Professor-An introduction to the steam engineering and industrial
  • Dr hosseinalipoor-Elm-O-Sanat University Professor at the University-Steam production methods and alternative systems
  • Engineer Saeed Mirzazadeh-Step by step in steam boiler room
  • Dr Khoshkhoo-Abbas poor university Professor-System performance and efficiency
  • Dr Mahdi zadeh-Abbas poor university Professor-Exploitation and maintenance
  • Engineer Zareyi-Abbas poor university Professor-Exploitation and maintenance
  • Dr Ameri-Abbas poor university Professor(International Pardis-Shahid Beheshti)-Innovative Systems(Solar Power Plants and CHP)
  • Dr Entesaeian-The Closing speaker


Selected photo of second photography competition of maintenance industry

Awesome welcome of artists and art lovers in second photography competition of maintenance industry, caused in addition of the jury 3 selected photos which gained notable prizes, 30 other chosen photos  were displayed and surveyed by participant in lateral exhibition of seminar, and one of them was selected by overall votes and awarded to MR Amir Jalal from Saveh.

For further information refer to second photography competition news.




Unveiling “Steam Boiler Room” Book

The recent book by Mr.Mirzazadeh entitled “Steam Boiler Room” was unveiled in the closing seminar ceremony.



Wishing the upcoming steam technology seminars would be held with your help and attendance and having some small shares in development of this necessary knowledge to achieve national goals that are the same energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution and improve the safety and health of our work.

In case of having role in these activities even tiny step towards closer relation between industrial companies, utilities and universities are able to create added value for our commercial and industrial stakeholders, we are concluded by success.

Finally, thanks to the presence of you, loved ones.

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